About the IWIF

At the beginning of 2021 the Irish wedding industry is again in a state of flux and extreme stress. Very poor cohesion is evident among operators, industry professionals, businesses/services, destination managers, venue managers, government bodies and organisations such as the Department of Enterprise, Tourism Ireland, Bord Failte, The Hotels Federation, The Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport, Destination Ireland and the advertising industry – who manage, contribute to and control much of the industry. The value of the Irish Weddings Industry is not understood from a government perspective. It is grossly undervalued as an industry in it’s own right in terms of employment and contribution to the economy. The industry as a whole has historically been viewed as a bonus or an add-on element to many other industries including; the hotels and hospitality sector, the events industry, the restaurant business, the entertainment industry, the health and beauty area, the visual arts industries, the retail jewelry industry and the clothing and apparel sector – to name but a few.

With interest and support from three government and semi-state bodies we the founders have established the IRISH WEDDING INDUSTRY FEDERATION which will assist in delivering a set of goals and deliverables as follows:
The I.W.I.F. aims to:
• Establish a tough regulatory and influential body to steer, develop and govern the professional industry here.
• Help to refine competitiveness and level the playing field for service professionals and product suppliers alike.
• Assist in not just preserving current standards but exceeding current best practice norms.
• Educate and deliver higher levels of professional development, training and knowledge.
• Boost quality across the entire sector – leading to greater career, income and employment stability among professionals, suppliers and facilities providers alike.
• Reinforce GROWTH within the industry
• Foster innovations at all levels.
• Lobby Revenue regarding unfair V.A.T. levels, rules and unfair governance within the industry.
• Seek greater investment for the sector as a whole in terms of developing and marketing Ireland’s status as a destination of excellence for weddings tourism.
• Research and report to the membership illustrating wedding industry and business trends and findings to the professional community.
• Help facilitate the design and development of a robust industry structure and instil confidence within established industry representative bodies and semi-state companies regarding the true value of the Irish weddings industry – leading to investment.