Work with IWIF Professionals

The IWIF have a membership accreditation process. This means members have to undergo an entry filter which restricts and limits poor quality or start-up suppliers from becoming members. This in a way guarantees a certain level of quality.

The membership council assess these main criteria when considering an applicant for membership or accreditation:

  1. Education / Qualifications. E.g. Is you wedding planner from an event background, Is your photographer qualified and properly trained?
  2. Experience – How long has your supplier been in operation in the weddings industry?
  3. Quality: Some suppliers operating in the industry have been there for a long time but consistently, even occasionally, offer poor quality.
  4. Insurance: Is your vendor properly covered in terms of insuring you, your guests and their work?
  5. Business Practice Professional Standards: The resultant work might be quality but was the process of receiving it professional? Could the agreement change during the course? Payment terms? Are fair professional contracts offered?
  6. IWIF also focus on the other entry requirements such as tax compliance, known history and professional advertising standards.