Common Wedding Planning Pitfalls

The excitement associated with planning a wedding can lead a couple into a loose approach to planning. Most planners understand it is important to secure quality vendors well in advance particularly when selecting venue, entertainment, ceremony location and celebrant, photographer and film-makers. It is true that the best operators in these areas book up 18 months to 2 years in advance of dates.

Before getting too excited or stressed the couple must remember this single piece of advice: It must be fun, it must be fun.

It is important to enjoy and soak up the excitement of planning the biggest day of your lives. The following five elements help steer couples away from difficulty, stress and over-spending and help refine the search and planning process in a simple fashion. Write a list of issues that are important to you. Avoid specific and obvious elements like – great band, high cuisine, etc..

  • E.g: I’d like the day to be relaxed / high octane, a mixed tone of classic and modern, very personal, emotional – or just a big bash.
  • It’s important to understand your reasoning for having a bash and be very honest with yourself – How much do you want to impress? Can you impress by being innovative or simply spending a lot of money? Would you like just really close friends, personal-type day or a mega contingency of everyone in your community? Write it down…
  • Home or Away? This directly affects who will attend.
  • Budget – Do it once – do it right – Don’t over-spend
  • The F,F,F,F…. Family, Friends, Food, Fun…