IWIF Inaugural Congress

In order to create a truly democratic organisation it was suggested that an open invitation would be sent to the champions of the Irish wedding industry with a aim to get conversation flowing and receive open industry feedback from professionals regarding issues affecting them. Our plan then was to refine the received information into a brief, formulate a development plan to found a principle-based industry-representative federation for the weddings business in Ireland.

As with any initiation plan there are challenges. We agreed on a route to complete democracy within the organisation.

  1. A founders committee would convene and oversee an initial general meeting.
  2. Key speakers founders would introduce the concept to the interested sector representatives in attendance.
  3. A draft plan to assist in shaping the industry would be presented and offered to an incoming committee for refining, publication and presentation to official bodies and government organisations, with a view to seeking authority to regulate and implement a designed strategy for stability and growth in the Irish weddings industry.
  4. An official launch would be held at the meeting and the www.iwif.ie website would go live.
  5. Establishment of an executive council will be delivered at the inaugural congress via a simple election system. During this process we will elect a President, First and Second Vice Presidents, a Treasurer, a Secretary and a fifteen member founding council each of whom will oversee various sectors within the organisation.
    1. Fundraising Officer
    2. Membership Officer
    3. Accreditation Officer
    4. Directory Management Officer
    5. Five Regional Representatives (including a central region)
    6. Education and Student Liaison
    7. Quality Officer
    8. Ireland as a Destination
    9. IWIF Marketing
    10. Public Relations and Press Officer
    11. Web Management Officer
  6. This council will hold office for one year until the 2019 A.G.M. at which a fully democratic panel will be selected.