Membership Benefits

Irish Wedding Industry Federation Membership Benefits

The IWIF is the organisation for professional leadership, information and advice in the weddings industry for the island of Ireland. Wedding professionals, suppliers and businesses who qualify for membership of the IWIF can benefit from a range of supports, advice and services that will allow professional practice of the highest quality and standard. Individual members can stay up to date with trends in the industry and become part of a methodological process to promote, increase quality and offer stability to the Irish weddings industry. Our professionals participate in changes to the delivery of quality legislation, taxation principles, insurance and professional practice within the sector.

The IWIF is the voice for all quality wedding professionals in Ireland and is a vehicle for fresh ideas, creativity and innovations that will assist suppliers, operators, businesses and professionals to communicate with the public and consumers (engaged couples). Our approach to informing and engaging with the public regarding issues that affect all will remain a key mission of the IWIF throughout it’s lifetime. We foresee education events and journeys, awards, research publications and domestic and overseas promotional campaigns.

As an IWIF member you are part of a community of high-quality professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs who share your interests.

The IWIF provides you as a professional with access to all of the relevant information, research findings, benefits and education you need. We also campaign on your behalf by informing and lobbying government and other organisations on behalf of the industry as a whole, the membership and the general public.

The IWIF is the chief promotional body for wedding industry professionals and businesses in Ireland. Our main mission is to create a stable and exciting business environment, one in which professionals can have confidence and one which offers defined career stability and opportunity. Promoting the excellence available in the industry here to the domestic and international consumer market is our chief goal. Our secondary mission is to present the continually increasing value of the industry to government and other organisations in respect of their supporting the sector appropriately.

Promotional activities will include:

  • Industry Awards
  • Innovation Competitions
  • Exhibitions, Fairs and Trade Shows
  • Industry Lectures and Networking Events
  • Publications
  • Industry, Advertising, Marketing and competitive Policy Initiatives
  • Media Campaigns

The IWIF works to develop the weddings sector so as to ensure that quality contributions from suppliers is delivered, maintained and enhanced. In 2018 the weddings industry is (as it has always been) ignored by government as a chief contributor to employment, industry and the economy due to one main factor – it is undervalued.

Official offices believe the wedding industry here to be worth in the region of €750 million. This is a very incorrect valuation and one which is simply arrived at by multiplying the average wedding budget by the number of weddings held annually in Ireland. The statistic ignores the direct effect on the economy from associated spending, i.e. the general wedding audience, attendees and contributors. believe the average number attending weddings to be 145 across the industry. The average amount of money spent by a person attending a wedding in Ireland is €800 which comprises spending on attire/appearance, travel/accommodation, wedding gifts and general hospitality spending.

The IWIF believes the value of the industry to be closer to €3 billion. Communicating this concept to government and enterprise organisations is a key primary task of the IWIF.

Through submissions to Government, liaison with Government Departments, State Agencies, Local Authorities, non-governmental agencies, industry and political parties the IWIF proposes to work to improve knowledge and awareness of the TRUE value of the industry in economic terms.


The IWIF is the information source for all matters relating to professional practice within the weddings industry:

  • Quality
  • Planning
  • Contracts
  • Procurement
  • Insurance
  • IWIF Online Newsletter

Regular registered member e-zines will provide access to up-to-date developments and information on events and changes to a proposed regulatory framework.


As the leading professionals register within the weddings industry in Ireland the IWIF provides the industry with a structured platform and facility upon which the exchange of ideas, research, innovation and information can be facilitated.

IWIF committees will work on a wide variety of issues and topics at all levels aimed at informing members and the public while influencing policy to improve quality and standards within the sector.

As the designated Registration Body and Competent Authority for Wedding Industry in the State:

  • The IWIF vigorously maintains the register.
  • The IWIF protects the reputation of quality wedding professionals,
  • The IWIF sets levels of developmental and services quality.
  • The IWIF sets standards of practice.
  • The IWIF protects consumers within the industry by guaranteeing registered suppliers and professionals deliver required standards.
  • The IWIF takes action against those calling themselves wedding professionals whilst providing poor quality services and conduct.
  • Annually the IWIF delivers certificates of competency to registered professional members.
  • The IWIF maintains a continual informative campaign increasing awareness of the IWIF and it’s membership register.