Standard of Knowledge

Across the different areas of discipline in the Irish experience there are greatly varying levels of knowledge. Our aim is to in some way influence standardisation of the expected levels of knowledge. This is a challenge with a fledgling organisation as current benchmarks don’t exist. A numerical matrix model – offering logical balance has been suggested in order to kick-start a standards process, as follows (each contributing element has a numerical weighting attached):


  1. Education – Quality and Longevity
  2. Level of Experience in the Field
  3. Years of Experience in the Field
  4. Years of Experience in Business
  5. Other Accreditations and Professional Memberships
  6. Relevant Accolades
  7. Tax Compliance
  8. Insurance Compliance
  9. Professional Endorsement
  10. Council Endorsement


Application in each area is based on a questionnaire and answer to questions related to the above requirements. The membership committee also retains a facility whereby membership or accreditation merit can be applied via paths allowing credit for professional character references and personal experience.