Wedding Insurance

There is no better protection than to plan contingencies for worst-case scenarios. In line with I.W.I.F. recommendations, we advocate consumers plan a (contingency date) from the outset, should a wedding date need to be postponed for whatever reason. The I.W.I.F. membership will strive to work with couples who need a date postponement.


A wedding is an eagerly anticipated future event – for your guests at least. For the bride and groom, however, it might just seem like a disaster waiting to happen. Everything you’ve spent so long carefully planning for years can spell potential ruin.

A big day never just approaches; it looms, an impending menace that foretells forgotten rings and surprise thunderstorms, unexpected traffic and fighting-in-laws, venues double-booking and torn wedding dresses and worse…

It’s supposed to be your special day. Why not keep it that way? Check out these eight ways wedding insurance can help you avoid a big day disaster and ensure you get hitched without tying yourself in knots.

What happens when a business goes bust?
You’ve put down those deposits for the catering, the cake and decorations. However, a lot can happen during the time it takes to plan a wedding. Businesses go bust, suppliers can vanish – and you can be left high and dry. can cover between £2,500 and £8,000 in costs lost by supplier deposits in the unfortunate event of financial failure.

Cover for Public Liability
A wedding is a public event for better or worse, packed to the rafters with friends and family young and old alike. But where there’s crowds, there’s risks. There’s horror stories of in-laws suing their counterparts and turning the perfect day into the perfect nightmare. Our wedding insurance covers policyholder, bride and groom with respect to amounts found legally liable to pay for death, bodily injury or damage to property, ensuring that such emergencies won’t ruin the big day.

Insurance whatever the weather
As beautiful as Ireland can be, it’s a temperamental beast. The weather can change dramatically without warning and as anyone who’s ever planned an outdoor event can attest, one eye will always be on the skies. Fortunately, insurance covers costs of cancellation and postponement if the wedding party can’t make it due to severe weather – the ground might be damp, but your spirits needn’t be.

Insurance whether you’re near or far
It’s been estimated that as many as one in four couples now choose to hold their wedding abroad (and considering the reasons above, it certainly can be an attractive option.) However, traveling to foreign countries can bring its own fair share of risks: luggage can take its own unplanned vacation and flights can often be unexpectedly delayed. Even in the case of domestic weddings, delayed flights can hinder guests coming from overseas – however, covers overseas weddings and can provide financial reimbursement under the circumstances.

Rings and irreparable things
Rings get lost. They’re only small after all. Sparkling dresses and pristine outfits are just crying out for stains, snags and tears. With the average costs of both running into the thousands, why not insure yourself with a level of protection up to £3,000 and £6,000 in respective costs? What’s more, you’re protecting against the ever present risk of opportune thieves – it’s an unpleasant thing to think about, but it is an unavoidable reality to face.

People passing on
As sad as it is, people pass away and companies and suppliers can’t always re-organise or refund in the event of unforeseen rearrangements or cancellations of weddings. We provide such cover for the unexpected death of the bride or groom up to a maximum of £25,000 in the event of such circumstances.

Smile for the camera!
Professional photography costs. Good professional photography costs even more. There’s no price you can put on making sure the perfect pictures are spot on, and in the event of a no show or technical malfunctions you’ll be glad of up to £5,000 in covered costs.

It’s less than you might think
Although the average cost of a wedding is about what you might pay for a new car, wedding insurance is only a tiny fraction of that total cost. What’s more, it’s a one-off cost that’ll cover you up to two years in advance.

Wedding insurance doesn’t have to be costly. It doesn’t have to be difficult, either. At IWIF we’ve carefully chosen our cover types to suit weddings at home or overseas, and with a simple one-off payment from as low as €46.51, we’ll ensure you’re covered when you tie the knot.